Practice Areas

Foreclosure Defense

Mortgage and foreclosure fraud is a wide-spread issue. Documents, including but not limited to, mortgage assignments and satisfaction of mortgage have been fabricated by lenders who wish to foreclose on properties in which they do not possess the original/correct paperwork. Property owners who face foreclosure have the right to defend themselves against such fraud.

By working with other experts in the field of foreclosure defense, Mark has been successful in ferreting out counterfeit documents and schemes, and has successfully protected many property owners from fraudulent foreclosures.


Construction Defect

Construction defect occurs when there is a deficiency in the design or construction of a building, the materials used in the construction of the building, and/or the preparation of the construction site. These deficiencies not only decrease property value, but also prevent the building from performing to its expected standard.

Mark has been defending construction defect cases for years and has become well-versed in the areas of construction law. He works with sub-contractors, manufacturers, independent contractors, condominium associations, and architects and is able to prepare and negotiate contracts for any party in the construction field.


Litigation & Complex

Litigation involves a lawsuit in which the purpose is to either enforce a right or remedy an injustice. Often, litigation can be a complex and difficult process. It requires an advocate with dedication, tenacity, an attention to detail, and strong negotiation and persuasion skills. It also requires an attorney who knows how to fight for document discovery with a strong track record of success.

Mark has managed cases which involve hundreds of pleadings and thousands of pages in the discovery stage. Using his extensive legal experience in State and Federal, trial and appellate courts, Mark has successfully fought to uncover the essential documents and facts vital to the success of his clients’ cases.


Civil Rights

Since the Civil Rights Act of 1964, U.S. citizens have been endowed with certain legal rights and the protection of these rights. Those who feel their rights have been violated as a result of their sex, color, religion, and/or race should seek justice for the wrongful act of discrimination.

Mark has fought for civil rights for over 35 years, and he and his team will fight to make sure your rights are protected. As an advocate for people’s rights, Mark will do his best to make sure justice is served and perpetrators pay for their wrongful doing.


Employment Law

Employment violation happens when an employer discriminates against an employee for any “protected reason.”  These protected reasons include age (40 or over), disability, equal compensation, national origin, pregnancy, race/color, religion, sex or sexual harassment.

Since 1978, Mark has been litigating for those who have lost their jobs as a result of protected reasons. Mark and his dedicated team will provide you with the compassionate support and guidance you need to fight to remedy discrimination.


Wage & Hour

Wage and hour violations occur when an employer fails to properly compensate its employees for all hours worked. Many violations occur in the area of overtime pay. Employers are required to compensate non-exempt employees’ time and one-half for every hour worked over 40 hours in a given workweek.  Employers are also obligated to pay employees for their non-discretionary incentives or bonuses.

Many employers require their employees to work “off the clock”, but even when work is supposedly performed “off the clock”, any employee who suffered, or is permitted to work is entitled to be compensated for his or her work. Some employers refuse to pay overtime rates of pay and only pay the employee his or her regular straight time hourly rate for all hours worked over 40.  This practice is prohibited by Federal law, and the Cullen firm has the litigation experience and successful track record required to advocate for clients suffering from wage & hour violations.


Family Law

Family law refers to the area of civil law that includes family-related issues and domestic relations including:

• the nature of marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships;
• issues arising throughout marriage including spousal abuse, legitimacy, adoption, surrogacy, child abuse, child abduction, juvenile delinquency, and paternity.
• the termination of the relationship and ancillary matters including divorce, annulment, property settlements, alimony, parental responsibility orders, child custody, visitation rights, child support, and alimony obligations.

Family law matters can be highly emotional.  Having a competent and safe counsel to protect your interests and the interests of any children who may be involved in the case is critical.  Mark is intimately aware of the intricacies of family law and is committed to providing the best care he can during clients’ cases.


Insurance Fraud/Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Insurance Fraud occurs when entities engage in and knowingly lie about activities in order to gain proceeds or benefits from an insurance company that they would not otherwise be entitled to. Insurance fraud cases are highly specialized and usually document intensive. Whether the insurance fraud is healthcare, medical, or worker’s compensation related, the best defense against fraud is a knowledgeable and aggressive litigation team that has the experience necessary to recover funds and prevent abuses.

Mark has extensive experience in pursuing perpetrators –especially with workers’ compensation premium fraud– and has been successful in recovering well over 15 million dollars for insurance companies who have been victimized. Should criminal charges arise as a result of his findings, Mark and his team are happy to, and are very often called on, to cooperate with State and Federal law enforcement agencies.